Alternate Gift Giving Christmas Cards

Start your Christmas shopping with our Alternate Gift Giving Christmas cards.  Your choice of card design is included with any monetary donation to Save the Children, Second Harvest Food Bank of North Central Ohio or Crossroads Shelter made through our website.

Our Alternative Gift Giving Christmas cards are sponsored by the St. Peter Peace & Justice Team. We appreciate all of the support you give!

All over the world, including thousands of children in the U.S., Save the Children’s wide-ranging programs help keep children healthy, nourished, protected and in school every day. Livestock programs help feed and nourish children and their families and can provide a steady source of income. Health care programs help address the immediate and long-term health needs of children and their families. Education programs help give children of all ages the opportunity to learn and to build foundations for future success. Clean water programs help create access to life’s most important, lifesaving resource – clean water.

 Second Harvest Food Bank is the regional nonprofit committed to fighting hunger. Second Harvest acquires, gathers, and distributes nutritious food to help feed tens of thousands of people throughout Crawford, Erie, Huron and Lorain counties. Your gift will help address the issue of hunger and ensure that those at risk have access to nutritious food and are treated with dignity.

Crossroads Shelter, operated by the Volunteers of America, looks to fill the basic needs to end the plight of homelessness.  The goal is permanent housing in 2018, 88% of those leaving Crossroads were permanently housed.  Annually the Shelter serves approximately 300 individuals, including 50 children via its emergency shelter, transitional housing, veterans services, and a food pantry.  The Well Rested Child Program provides new beds to children moving on and to the children in the community that have nowhere to sleep.

How it Works
Choose the charity you would like to support. Then you will select a Christmas card design and fill out a form so that we can get your card ready for you.  Once you have completed the form, you will be redirected to the website for the charity that you have selected.  Please fill out a form for each card you would like.

Step One : Choose Your Charity