Respect Life Group

The mission of the St. Peter Respect Life Group is to educate ourselves and all St. Peter parishioners about the Catholic teachings on life issues and to promote and encourage prayer for life issues in our parish. The group meets every other month, September through May, on the first Thursday of the month from 6:30-7:30 PM. Some ongoing activities include the Spiritual Adoption Project, Rosaries for life, and an education segment at each meeting on a life topic. All adults as well as high school youth are welcome.
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Respect Life Group

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Please join us in prayer for the unborn. Consider a Spiritual Adoption Novena. Prayerfully discern on a boy or a girl baby and give the baby a name. Then commit to pray for that baby and his or her parents for nine months. Please use the form below and we will add them to our Spiritual Adoption prayer list. Here is an optional prayer to use.

For the unborn babies who are at risk of being aborted…we pray, Lord, for their moms and dads, that their hearts will soften to feel your presence‚Ķ we pray Lord, and for your healing grace in their life. May they turn their hearts toward love and hope, and may they choose life for their growing little ones and for themselves. In your most glorious and holy name, we pray Lord. Amen.

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Spiritual Adoption

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All of you, be of one mind, sympathetic, loving toward one another, compassionate, humble.

1 Peter 3:8