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Equal Exchange Radiatore Dry Pasta


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Radiatore pasta looks like an old fashioned radiator. Made with 100% semolina flour and slow dried for over 2 days for a fresher taste, all those grooves will “grab” your favorite sauce or make an amazing Mac and Cheese!

16oz bag


Semolina (Wheat, Niacin, Thiamine, Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid), Water

About Equal Exchange Fair Trade Radiatore Dry Pasta

Founded in 1947, Deano's is a fourth generation pasta maker in Somerville, MA and happens to be one of the oldest fresh pasta companies in the country. We are happy to offer two of their unique slow dry small batch pastas made from 100% semolina flour. The folks at Deano's slow dry in small batches on wooden racks for over 2 days the way it was done years ago on the hills in Italy. This process makes their slow dried pasta taste more like fresh pasta. These pastas are non-GMO, vegan and cholesterol free. Equal Exchange is pleased to offer this high quality product from a family business located near our own. It is a new relationship for us and the more we learn about Deano's the more excited we become.

Our Peace & Justice Team is proud to support Equal Exchange and their initiative to help farmers and their families as they rejuvenate their agricultural livelihoods.