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Equal Exchange Purple Stripe Garlic


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Burlap & Barrel’s Purple Stripe Garlic Powder comes from an heirloom variety with a purple stripe on its papery skin and bulbs about half the size that you’re used to. It’s grown by a group of farmers in the mountains of northern Vietnam and has a savory & sweet flavor profile that adds depth and complexity to everything it touches. Add it to tomato sauces, stews, salad dressings or simply sprinkle it onto stir-fries or pizza.

1.8oz jar
INGREDIENTS 100% garlic, ground (Allium sativum)
Produced by Burlap & Barrel. Their work to promote the reduction of inequality and exploitation in food systems by connecting farmers to high-value markets, helping them access a larger share of the product value chain, and establishing long-term, mutually-beneficial trade relationships resonates deeply with Equal Exchange.