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Equal Exchange Organic Unwind Decaf Coffee


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Enjoy this full-bodied decaffeinated blend with a sweet, nutty and vanilla flavor in a convenient single serve cup.

12 single-serve cups per box
Kosher certified by the Star-K, USDA Organic Certified


Full City Roast

AROMA: vanilla, toasted almond cookies, chocolate
FLAVOR: balanced, caramelized sugar, chocolate
MOUTHFUL: honey-like & syrupy

Have you ever wondered why our decaf coffee is so flavorful? Unlike some coffee companies, we start with the same high-quality Arabica beans that we use in all our coffees. We remove caffeine from the fresh beans using a technique called CR3 Natural Liquid Carbon Dioxide Decaffeination. The natural liquid carbon dioxide used is the same CO2 that gives sparkling water its carbonation. This process removes 99.9% of the caffeine, yet leaves the bean and its natural oils intact.

Our cups are made with #5 recyclable plastic, recyclable aluminum lids and 88% compostable filters, making them the clear choice for an environmentally conscientious cup.