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Equal Exchange Organic Natural Almonds


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We choose this Northern California variety for its consistent large size and naturally sweet, buttery taste.

8oz bag
USDA Organic Certified


Organic Almonds
Packaged in a facility that also handles milk, tree nuts, wheat and soy products.

About Equal Exchange Fair Trade Natural Almonds

We are proud to support Burroughs Family Farms in Denair, California who aim to produce the cleanest and most delicious almonds in a way that protects and enhances the soil, air, water, and the environment in which we live. They work hard to use all resources carefully and wisely through regenerative, organic farming practices. For example, they make all of their own compost to feed the soil, enhance soil biology and ensure the long-term viability of their farm. They also utilize hedgerows to maintain a high level of plant biodiversity that attacts beneficial insects, improves water quality, provides windbreaks, and stabilitizes their soils. Their soil is also kept covered, leaving roots mostly undisturbed, without the use of tillage, ensuring the carbon stays in the ground.

Our Peace & Justice Team is proud to support Equal Exchange and their initiative to help farmers and their families as they rejuvenate their agricultural livelihoods.