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Equal Exchange Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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Our organic extra-virgin olive oil is made from Nabali olives, an indigenous Palestinian variety that produces one of highest quality olive oils in the world. This virgin olive oil is cold-pressed and full of antioxidents. It can be used for cooking, baking, and dipping.

600ml oil per bottle
USDA Organic Certified


*Organic Cane Sugar, *Organic Cocoa Powder processed with Alkali, *Organic Dark Chocolate (*Organic Chocolate Liquor, *Organic Cane Sugar, *Organic Cocoa Powder). *Fair Trade ingredient. By weight 100% from Fair Trade cooperatives. Manufactured on equipment that processes products containing soy & dairy.

About Equal Exchange Olive Oil

Olive farming is both economically and culturally important in the West Bank. Many of the olive trees on these farms have been passed down from generation to generation, representing deep familial ties to the land. The farmers work closely with the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee (PARC), who provide technical assistance, processing facilities, quality testing, and exporting services, as well as relatively low cost olive pressing. PARC also shares best practices for pruning and plowing, in addition to other agricultural trainings. As a nonprofit organization they promote the sustainable economic development of 41 farmer cooperatives, improve water supply and critical infrastructure, and provide social services for women, children, and families in the West Bank.

Our Peace & Justice Team is proud to support Equal Exchange and their initiative to help farmers and their families as they rejuvenate their agricultural livelihoods.