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Equal Exchange Organic Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese


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A New England Favorite, this cheese is SHARP! Typically aged over 20 months, this raw milk cheese has a deep, fully-developed nutty flavor with a little bit of tang.

7oz wrapped cheese
USDA Organic Certified


Unpasteurized organic cow's milk, vegetable rennet, culture, salt

Special arrangements for delivery or pickup will need to be made due to refrigeration.

In order to remain profitable, some family farms are turning their high-quality milk into artisan cheese. But because they are small businesses, they've struggled to access markets. That's where we come in! Equal Exchange has initiated partnerships with small-scale dairy farmers. These partners share a commitment to animal welfare, to ecologically responsible practices, and to the maintenance of rural communities. If they hire workers outside the immediate family, they treat those workers respectfully and pay them fairly. Neighborly Farms is a third generation farm owned by the Dimmick family. It's an organic small-scale dairy with an on-site creamery. The sixty-head herd lives in an open barn, with access to pasture, and the milking is done by a high-tech robot. A few times a day — on their own! — each cow enters the stall, gets some food, gets cleaned, and is automatically milked.