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Equal Exchange First Field Marinara Sauce


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The tomatoes in this marinara sauce are responsibly grown by trusted family farms in New Jersey. They are vine-ripened, and preserved at the peak of freshness. Made with extra virgin olive oil and just a touch of seasoning, this classic and bright marinara is ready for your favorite pasta, to top a homemade pizza, or to use in your family’s recipes. Enjoy!

25oz jar
  Crushed Tomatoes, Strained Tomatoes, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Salt, Onion*, Parsley*, Black Pepper*, Garlic, Oregano*, Citric Acid. <i>*Organic</i>
New Jersey has one of the oldest traditions of growing tomatoes in the United States and has a long legacy as the origin of many iconic tomato products. At First Field they appreciate this history and yet are constantly innovating to learn best techniques including new methods for growing tomatoes organically. Similar in flavor to an Italian San Marzano, the small number of trusted family farmers they work with truly make a better tasting product than many varieties currently available. Seeking to provide as much transparency as possible in their sourcing, spices are fair trade and organic when possible, and products containing molasses and cane sugar are likewise fair trade and organic. Equal Exchange is excited to now be collaborating with our new friends at First Field.