Peace & Justice Team

The Peace and Justice Team has a long-standing history in our parish of providing educational programs and service outreach to promote social justice. Educational efforts have included publication of Reverend Charles Ritter’s article “Catholic Teaching on Social Justice and its Implications”; hosted a Christian-Muslim dialogue, and programs that have addressed Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si, the climate crisis, human trafficking, and immigration. Service projects supported include year-round sales of Fair Trade products including coffee, assisting with the Community Meals program, aid to migrant workers, coordination of monthly food donations to the Huron Helping Hands Food Pantry, as well as annual collections of school supplies and winter coats for those served by the Pantry. Meetings are held monthly.
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What Is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade represents an equitable alternative trade system that empowers small-scale farmers worldwide. Farmers gain greater economic stability allowing them to stay on the land, farm sustainably, and invest in their communities. During COVID-19, farmers are having a harder time staying healthy, feeding their familie, continuing to do the work of planting and harvesting their crops. They need our support now more than ever before.

Our fair trade products come from Just Coffee and Equal Exchange and are sourced from small-scale coffee, tea, cocoa, dairy and olive oil farmer cooperatives worldwide, including the USA. Through fair trade, farmers are better able to support their families, protect the environment, and strengthen their communities.

Purchasing Fair Trade products help to reduce poverty and hunger across the globe.